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What could a Property Manager possibly need from a Security Consultant

As a property manager, you juggle a lot of responsibilities – boards, tenants and agreements, staff behavior, building issues, projects, budgets, etc. You are everything to everyone, and we know how hard it is to manage properties – we were there ourselves just a few years ago, and we see it first-hand working with your colleagues all across Canada. We know the issues...and kudos to you for doing the good work in what are often thankless circumstances.

To ask you if you’d really given some thought to the security of your property (staffing, systems, insurance etc.) would be a form of an insult, because we know that security and overall safety at your property is on your mind a lot given possible past incidents, the behavior of your tenants/leaseholders, location, etc.

To try and instill fear in you with technical risk elements such as your guards possibly sharing surveillance footage with residents RIGHT NOW, or that your gas meter / line could be vandalized by opportunity criminals would likely make you close your browser and think better thoughts…we won’t do it.

We believe that you are in your role because you are aware of the risk facing your property and are more than capable and experienced in managing it well. So then why would you need us?

Assessments –

Because you may not have an updated list of all that is vulnerable and risky at your property, and need someone (other than the daytime security guard) to get it done for you, so you can have a meaningful discussion about it with the board / stakeholders. You also want this done within the next two weeks, fit in nicely within your budget, and you want it in a format that is easy to understand and present. We understand, and we can do it (we can also present our findings to the board with you. No problem!)

Vendor Vetting –

Because you may not have time, or the technical experience in reviewing complex proposals from 5 different security system companies, or 8 different security guard companies trying to get in and service your property. You need a standard assessment criteria by which to assess these vendors so that you don’t end up with a company that over-promised, under-delivered, and now it’s a pain to get them out.

Technology / Operational Reviews –

Because while some may believe that good security is achieved through deployment of more cameras, you want a second opinion (and rightly so) before going ahead and spending 20k of the property’s budget for surveillance system upgrades.

And because such diligence-dependent, labor-intensive, fail-prone processes as the secure entry and exit of vehicles, and signing in of contractors/visitors can be seamlessly simplified using cost-effective technological solutions (such as License-Plate-Recognition systems). But you need an independent consultant to educate you on how these would fit into your building (instead of being pushed into buying a unit). We analyze your building and its floor plans and are able to identify technological solutions that will work for you, and savings to help you run your ship (or “concrete frigate” as they say) more effectively.

Security / Emergency Training –

Because you may not have the time, and may not have too in-depth a knowledge on setting up emergency evacuation drills, giving specialized flood prevention, crime-scene preservation, or vehicle inspection training for your building staff. We do, and we can help.

We are at your service for any of the above

because we recognize that even the toughest and most effective PMs and FMs out there need a bit of assistance.

We’ll be happy to help!

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