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Emergency Response and Business Continuity - TableTop and Live Exercises

We partner with your organization, study its risk profile and its needs in the context of the broader industry in which it operates, and develop, together with you, effective, appropriate, and multi-faceted training for your team.


Whether you have a single location or multiple facilities - we provide training globally and we can ensure that all your team is fully-trained.


We train on a wide variety of emergencies - fires, active attackers, natural disasters, mechanical / technological failures, the non-availability of critical services or systems, and many other topics.


Our TableTop Exercises feature simple and complex scenarios, engaging problem-solving injects, and thorough discussion periods. 


Our live exercises are conducted by a team of industry veterans that can facilitate an effective, safe, controlled, and as minimally-disruptive event as possible.


We are looking forward to working together!


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