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Tap that App, and Keep it Safe!

So, it’s Friday night! Friends are in the lobby and you’re all about to hit the town. Shoes are on, last look in the mirror, and you’re closing the door…


Keep these tips in mind to better protect your home, yourself, and your loved-ones.

1. Lights Out

In a rush, many people forget to turn off appliances, such as stoves, ovens, or taps. The obvious risks are Fire, or Flood, and you don’t want to come home to either. Do a last check to see that all is off. Turn off those lights to avoid an annoying surprise at the end of the month.

2. Bells and Whistles

Turn on the in-suite alarm system if you have one (and if it’s configured). Having a functioning alarm system will augment the efforts of the building security staff in protecting your home. As much as we all want the concierge to be everywhere at all times, it is not possible, and security is everyone’s responsibility, including yours. Alarms systems are great deterrents for burglars – most of whom – when hearing the alarm sound, do not know what happens next, and immediately leave. As you are passing by the concierge desk, check that your contact information is up-to-date in their records.

3. Downsize the Wallet

Identity theft is pervasive these days, and you want nothing to do with. Do a quick sweep of your wallet / purse and leave anything, (no, scratch that), EVERYTHING you won’t need for the night. Company Access FOB, Winners gift cards, the GYM membership, the second credit card – those any many other items stay at home, tucked away. This limits the rewards of thieves and pickpockets, reduces risk of identity theft, and lightens your load.

4. Tap the App

Charge your phone to full before you leave. You may need to check directions, call Uber or a cab, send/receive info. and in some cases, contact Police, or your building’s security. It is also good practice to have these essential services accessible by one, or two taps on your screen. If you are super-conscious about your privacy – having a fully-charged device allows you to take the role of instagrammer-in-chief for the night off your friends.

5. Buddy-System

If you are going to bar-hop, get lost in music at a concert, or yell really loud at a sports event – it is good practice to have a buddy-system – you and a friend to be:

  • always in each other’s line of sight,

  • always reachable by phone or text, and

  • ALWAYS have a plan B if something goes wrong

A good practice is to have the buddy glance at the drinks you are being served, to see if anything suspicious has been poured or placed in the glass.

Keep living life to the fullest, keep experiencing and exploring, and keep safe!

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