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Whether your congregation, community, or city is experiencing hate crime, targeted attacks, threats, or a hostile political/social climate, we urge you to reach out to us. We help all faiths achieve the security their congregation deserves. Through complete Threat Risk Assessments, security reviews, emergency planning, resource provision, hardware upgrades, and setting up basic-to-advanced procedures, we deep-dive into what matters most, and help your organization be, and feel, safe and secure.


Threat-Risk Assessments / Security Surveys

Identifying level of threat to your congregation in particular in relation to where it is, the activities carried in and around it, its relationship with the broader community, socio-politio-economic factors in the locale. Identifying and reviewing current protocols and security measures in place (including the work of contract security guards). Review of procedures for security people and property – who has access, who responds to alarms, insider and external threats such as Active Shooters, Bomb Threats and Explosions, disgruntled congregant, vandalism, and natural disasters.



Creating protocols and measures to counter each point identified in the Assessment / Survey – i.e. repairing door locks, changing the way people enter the facility, setting up mobile guarding patrols, setting up drills and training, putting a procedure for people to check if all entrances are closed for the evening, reorienting gates and fences, accessing surveillance footage from the property management, etc.

Continuity of Worship

Together, we build strategies to ensure your congregation is looked after spiritually if your facility has been impacted. We build parterships on your behalf with community services and facilities to accomodate you and your flock, so that the fabric of a hurt community remains intact.


Resource Provision

Providing you with tools, contacts, self-audit checklists, and information so that once we are done, you can continually review your security situation yourself. Of course, we will be at your service any time you need us though!



We work with your team and congregation to prepare for bombings, active shooters, natural disasters, and other contingencies – we deliver table-top, and live exercises, drills, and training specifically designed for places of worship.


Hardware Upgrades

We can help – through our trusted network of specialists – put up barriers, set up surveillance, install secure doors and locking systems, provide detection and intrusion systems, and redact the access control system. Get in touch with us today!

Students Studying Outside


Campus Safety and Security remains top priority for those in charge of schools, colleges, and universities. To assist, we develop plans for protecting the most valuable asset of any educational institution – its people. We review panic and duress systems for effectiveness, measure response time by security staff to activation of alarms and alerts, review the effectiveness of Safe Spaces and the orderliness and clarity of the Incident Reporting and subsequent Investigation process, and review access controls, surveillance, and role of administrators, students, and support staff in safety and security of the community.
We provide training and life-safety drills for such eventualities as Fire Evacuations, Active Shooters, Assault Prevention, Hostage-taking, and Academic Disruption/Protests.

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