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Security Surveillance


Our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) engineers and drafting technicians can design the correct security system for large scale facilities, and small operations. We position security surveillance systems, intrusion alarm systems, access control and visitor management systems, and panic / emergency systems.We work with security integrators to develop detailed equipment lists, Implementation schedules and master plans. We help with selecting equipment types, and consult architects on security needs before project commencement, and provide support through its life-cycle.We conduct site visits to learn your operations, and we work with you to understand your needs when it comes to system designs. Our experienced technicians can offer guidance to identifying facility critical areas, plan for controlled movement of material, reliable and effective surveillance footage capturing, and error minimization when installing and operating alarm and access control systems.At project conclusion we conduct plan commissioning and verification of operational integrity, closing the loop on your protective design needs, and providing the assurance you require to operate safely, and securely./ emergency systems.


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