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Our expert team of social media sleuths are standing by and ready to deliver assessment, monitoring and risk mitigation advice.



  • Monitoring and Assessment of change in public opinion relevant to your business

    • Escalating controversies, protest calls, negative changes in public opinion, high-risk discussions

    • Dangerous, threatening, or offensive content

    • Malicious links posted on social accounts

    • Scams targeting your business and customers

    • Fraudulent accounts / fake websites impersonating your brand

  • Preemptive monitoring – Engaging prior to any planned changes happen in your business

  • Identification of threat groups likely to target your business specifically

  • Providing security and risk-mitigation advice in response to our findings

  • Supporting your Marketing, Risk Management, Planning/Strategy, and Customer Experience teams

  • Takedowns - hiding, blocking, and removing malicious or offending content and enforcing service terms

  • Online Risk Profile Assessment – Senior Management and Public Officials

    • Review and analysis of social media and online presence

      • Identify problematic data which is being shared (Phone numbers, address information, family members details, travel plans, itineraries etc.)

      • Investigate sources of shared data (Friends, family, faith groups, itinerary sharing, public facing agendas, data aggregator websites, real estate listings etc.)

      • Provide guidance on clean up and removal of information being shared

  • Protective Intelligence Support

    • Threat monitoring

      • Complete a review of social media and online threats

    • Investigate

      • Complete a social media scan of individuals or groups that represent potential threats

      • Provide an overview and assessment of the risk

      • Interview the subject and related parties

      • Build a mitigation/safety plan


  • Common Social Media networks

  • Review Portals

  • Dark Web

  • Focused on spaces where your business is active – based on presence, strategy, demographics, and other parameters


  • Capture your needs

    • What’s happening?

    • How soon?

    • What do we know so far?

  • Identify – Social Listening

  • Analyze

  • Report

  • Inform / Act

We offer regular routine reporting of threats, as well as, support through emergencies, anomalies and surges. Our packages vary depending on your needs, contact us today to get a quote.


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