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Our expert team of assessors and auditors are standing by and ready to deliver standard-setting, high-quality, in-depth on-site assessments of your enterprise. We deliver several types of assessment services:


  • Assessing property preparedness and risk - risk to staffing, operations, reputation, and quality/compliance

  • Assessing preparedness of security providers

  • Review of pandemic / emergency policies, plans, and procedures

  • Providing guidance on access control, security systems maintenance, parking, and shipping/handling

  • Determining applicability of government and NGO guidelines to business operations

  • Determining effectiveness of alternative work arrangements, security/safety in staffing increases and decreases


  • Identifying what New Normal looks like for business services and facility operations

  • Providing guidance on the viability of the New Normal framework as related to safety, security, facility operations, access control, delivery/shipping, parking, and critical infrastructure support (How may cars will be allowed at the lot, how do we handle visitors, etc.)

  • Conducting New-Normal drill scenarios to ascertain viability of all work-resumption plans through different scenarios (i.e. crowd gathering, fire and other emergency management, access control and elevator bottlenecks, visitor processing, courier/delivery management, etc.)

  • Review of effectiveness of ongoing, and New Employee training on topics of Security and access control under the New Normal paradigm.

  • Providing advice on best use of work/life space, safe and secure movement across the space, and appropriate distancing, entry, exit, and personal safety and security practices.



Risk is defined as a measure of exposure of loss conditions. It is important to periodically conduct a qualified Threat Risk Assessment to understand the exposure of your business or staff to major loss conditions. As part of our Threat-Risk Assessments, we research:


  • Crime Patterns and statistics for the selected geographical area

  • Hazards and objects of risk in close proximity to your property

  • Environmental Conditions that may impact the safety of your people, property, information, and reputation

  • Conditions of your building, existing security systems, policies and procedures, effectiveness of operations and control capabilities, and staff deployment strategies.


We provide you with a detailed report listing gaps in your security program with ways to fill them, rate your level of exposure to threats and the degree of vulnerability your facility carries, and provide an overall risk rating, complete with strategies for:


  • Risk Mitigation

  • Risk Avoidance

  • Risk Acceptance

  • Risk Spreading


Our consultants are experienced in conducting threat-risk assessments and security audits in residential towers, high-security medical and industrial facilities, busy shopping centers and event venues, and office complexes.


This assessment is focused on the evaluation of existing security measures at a property or within a business (such as policies and processes, alarm systems and security cameras, security staff and monitoring services, etc.), determining their suitability and effectiveness in addressing vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations and cost-based, priority-ranked, sensible alternatives where we discover gaps and see concerns.

We examine the following aspects of your security program:

  • Physical Construction – Walls, Doors, egress and entry points, etc.

  • Operational Security processes – Visitor Management, Parking, Emergency Procedures, Appropriate directional and instructional Signage, Restriction of Access to areas and materials, handling of incoming and outgoing property/goods, etc.

  • Security systems – lighting, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, access control databases and devices, intercom and communication tools, etc.

  • Security operatives – effectiveness of security guards and their deployment schedules, duties, and compliance verification.

  • Training and Awareness Programs – We measure the level of security comfort, awareness, and resilience posture of your property users.


This in-depth, specific type of assessment focuses on surveillance cameras and their deployment. The purpose of this assessment is to identify gaps and inefficiencies associated with the way cameras are deployed across facilities, taking into account footage quality and delays, visuals and their purpose, system aging, etc. Our process is simple and effective, and runs as follows:

  • Identify all cameras

  • Determine which ones need replacement, repairs, adjustments, or removal.

  • Determine areas which require cameras that currently do not have them

  • Provide you with the report 

  • Discuss the report with you and your systems integrator 

  • At your preference, call 3 companies to provide quotes for systems upgrade and ongoing maintenance



Using in-depth, ministry-approved checklists and approaches, and relying on our multi-year, multi-jurisdictional experience, we assess workplace violence susceptibility, identify vulnerabilities in the working environment (touching on subjects of safety, environmental exposure, potential criminal elements outside and inside the organization, and others), and recommend effective, cost-conscious solutions to help your organization achieve its level of due care and compliance.


Choose GV Group for all your internal audit needs! We work to learn your company’s business and organizational/operational structure, and assess against the following criteria:

  • Is the company doing what it says it is doing?

  • Is the company doing it well?

  • Is the company compliant to its internal and external requirements?

  • Is the company carrying out work in a cost-effective, environmentally-conscious, safe, and employee-inclusive environment?


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