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We are a security consulting firm, and we have assisted in the successful startup of several security companies, some of which went on to do quite well for themselves. While each of our client's approach, circumstances, and end goal varies slightly, ultimately we landed on an array of services, which we found to fit most startup clients quite well.


1. Establishing Security Operations

  • Identifying security needs and requirements

  • Creation of SOPs and protocols

  • Selection of protection staff and security systems

  • Provision of resources, training, and performance management metrics/KPIs

  • Establishing trusted partnership on your behalf with law enforcement and emergency service providers (Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc.)

2. Management Training


Whether it’s just yourself, a partner, or a team, and you are just starting in security, we provide a training session in which we introduce security management and dive really deep into the industry. We offer in-person, web-based, and online training.


3. Orientation and Ongoing Staff Training


We deliver your company-branded orientation training to new hires. Sessions are usually 5 to 8 hours, and cover standard PSISA content, company rules and expectations and relevant security industry knowledge


We deliver training for concierges, security supervisors, industrial and commercial security guards, report-writing, tactical communication, and many other courses that will position your guards, and your company, to succeed.


4. "The Briefcase"


We establish an online portal for you and your company, and we upload a swath of critical business, sales, and operational documents, forms, policies/procedures, and resources so that you are able to run your business, manage your operations, and grow the company in an orderly fashion without having to scramble for these things as you are growing or as clients get needy. This is a great resource as it will likely save you years of having to develop this stuff yourself or hiring people to do it. We also make it really neat and well-organized so that you can find things easily.


5. HR Support

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Hiring practices and interview strategies

  • Discipline or poor performance interviews and documentation

  • High-Risk Termination support

  • Criminal matters, proper methods of documentation and evidence collectio

  • Procedures for restricting access to unwanted persons or intruders

  • Training

5. Ongoing support


We provide as-needed on-going support which typically takes two forms:


Trusted Advisor - where we are on the phone/web, and in-person with you for any questions, strategy discussions, concerns, or problems we can help lend our experience and insight into.


Hands-on partner - where we engage in typical management-level activities such as:


  • Contract Mobilization (making sure your takeover and initiation of service is smooth and seamless)

  • Preparation and Submission of Bid Response packages (we have experience in market positioning in nearly all common verticals)

  • Testing and implementing of business and operational technology (such as your scheduling software, or a guard-tour system)

  • Developing of Post Orders / Site-specific SOPs

  • Conducting on-site Threat-Risk Assessments and Security Surveys

  • Ongoing training of guards and supervisors

  • Being there for your clients as needed


Force-Multiplier - We partner with you to deliver more than just guarding services for specialty/high-demand clients. These services would typically include:


  • Consulting services for your clients - for example: one of your clients where you provide guards is a daycare center looking to re-write their we would do that for them on your behalf....this way you can position yourself as a one-stop-shop security provider


  • Security systems design and sourcing - for your clients, we would be able to design and deploy security systems (cameras, access control, intrusion detection, etc.) through our team of AutoCAD engineers, and trusted systems integrators.


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