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This 2-day workshop aims to develop your field staff and support personnel into managers at your company. Whether these candidates will be managers at HQ or at a worksite, they need to learn security management, and they need to understand your company better.This course exposes your staff to your company’s management, administrative, accounting, and quality systems to enable them to navigate to daily management solutions with ease. This exposure is heavily grounded in today’s security management principles.This course examines security policy and procedural development for both contract security and for clients, and the importance of post orders and standardization of work. We learn to conduct security assessments and review Threat Risk Assessment methodology. This course includes a 2-hour workshop where a security assessment of a facility will be conducted.Students will be taught and given tools to manage direct reports and subcontracted staff, through effective hiring, training, retention and performance management strategies. We will examine different labour environments, including unionized and non-unionized and understand how to effectively navigate through either. Students will have confidence in procurement and management of resources, including security systems, uniforms, and security work equipment.At the end of this course students will have the skills needed to effectively provide security to work sites, and successfully manage the business of security.

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