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We help property management companies navigate through the complex world of choosing security vendors. Our property management clients rely on us to:


  • Study the landscape – Understanding the managed space and its function, understanding its security issues, and the scope of the required services, providing consultation and need-framing along the way.

  • Standardize and baseline the competition – setting fair, simple, and effective rules and submission evaluation / rating criteria. Ensuring that our processes aligned with the client’s procurement framework and client’s needs are fully-accounted for prior to distribution to vendors.

  • Issuing of bid documents, and managing communication with prospective and confirmed bidders.

  • Investigate bid responses and advise of any concerns with submission integrity, misleading omission, questionable pricing structures, absence of any standard requirement (insurance, licensing, training certifications, etc.).

  • Accurate and thorough evaluation of bid capabilities – staff competency, systems provisioning, invoicing structures, experience servicing similar or same markets, adequacy of contingency support, and fair wage structure for line staff.

  • Conduct interviews with proponents - focusing on client service needs, and adequacy of proponent knowledge of security industry trends and sector requirements, and thoroughly, expertly assessing proponent capabilities.

  • Issue a final recommendation of proponent based on a robust, time-tested scoring criteria.


  • Conducting Interviews

  • Identifying causes and sequences of events

  • WSIB Investigations

  • Corporate and Financial Fraud as well as theft and pilferage

  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (Bill 168)

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Process Service

  • Surveillance

  • Accident Investigations - conducting interviews and interrogations

  • Preparation of legally - binding reports

  • Liaison with authorities on your behalf and providing case management services


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