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This is amazing!

I have been working the internet for the past two days literally obsessed with #CraneGirl. Absolutely amazing – the powerful calmness amid such danger, the seemingly impossible feat of sliding down the greasy wires at that height, the mystery of the “why”, and of course, the rescue operation.

There are those unhappy with the waste of tax-dollars (which none have enough info to calculate…and which CraneGirl also pays BTW); Others decry the waste of resources…(Oh my God! the firefighters rescuing her missed a hockey tournament that morning. Unacceptable!).

But once they all get over that, they too admit it was good training for Police and Fire, and when they are finished ranting about wasted youth they are secretly re-living their own CraneGirl moments of days past.

All that aside, I took issue with Construction Security here…because aside from some signs and fences, there apparently wasn’t any.

Read CBC article here

My problems with that, are as follows:

1. Daredevils with much wilder or worse intentions can put at risk the lives of Crane Operators and other workers, whose equipment they are messing with. This should be looked at by WSIB as a concern for worker safety.

2. Although it’s their own fault for hurting themselves…it is never a good thing when people are hospitalized – neither for the person nor for the entity in which they got hurt (reputationally, legally, etc.)…and in this case, at a construction-occupied area.

3. Bad activity invites worse activity – and in the ever-so-densing downtown core, after dark construction sites are great informal places to hang out, for free…so we can expect drinking, partying, etc…some of us may have done that before :-)

4. I don’t care much for the cost of building in the city…I can’t afford what they’re building anyway…but I’d feel bad if the activities of trespassers bring constuction to a halt, delay occupancy of the unit, increase costs to investors and owners, or perhaps even shut down operations. That isn’t right.

I am curious to see if the CraneGirl story sparks more interest in security by developers around the Golden Horseshoe. A range of cost-effective options available for them from mobile patrol spot-checking, surveillance patrols, alarm systems, etc.

Safe shift to all those patrolling condo rooftops and office PH levels, and are enjoying the view reserved only for security workers!

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