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“How much more training do I need to take?”

It’s everywhere – at work, online, in school…and more and more of it is being pushed into our lives. We have become apathetic to the amount of mandatory training being pushed on us. We take it all, and if we have a choice of whether to take something on our own, we usually start with a “No. Well, maybe in the future…”

A great deal of training is a Checkbox that either you, or your employer literally fill out as having completed for whatever reason…be it for a promotion, a stepping stone, or a compliance thing that needs to be…well…complied with.

BUT, have there been training courses you’ve come out of, and were thinking “hey, this wasn’t bad”? Probably not many, but there were some There had to have been at least 2 or 3…right?

What made them different? Was it the content? the delivery method? the people whose stories you actually found interesting?

I developed the Security Management course to sort of, kind of, answer retroactively to my own need. I was once a guard, who made it up the ladder to become manager. When I sat down in my new office on my first date, and was given budget charts, performance review templates, an incomplete Threat Risk Assessment, and a grievance to deal with (with a same day meeting with the Union Rep), I didn’t know what to do. I was lost. I only heard of these things vaguely through horror stories told by former supervisors, and in blog posts filled with uneasy content and inside jokes I could not relate to.

It took many, many nights and days to learn the job of security management, and and many mistakes (that thankfully I was able to put behind me and still remain employed…some employers are not as forgiving as legends tell) to gain skills to become good at managing security staff, operations, finances, programs and deliverables, and resources.

I developed this course, because nobody should work harder than they should work smarter. If this course was available back in the day, and I had a crystal ball to show me what was about to happen to me, I would have taken it, and would have gulped and devoured every bit of knowledge offered in it.

If you have read this post up till now, you probably have something to do with security and are looking to advance, or maybe you are in security management already.

I am your crystal ball. Take this course. Set yourself for success – we all know that failure in security management is very rarely an option.

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