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Apartment Building


To be secure, and feel secure – we review and develop security procedures, assess and re-deployment systems, and consult on effective security staff management at condominiums, rental apartment towers, and gated communities.

Threat-risk Assessments and Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

  • Identification and classification of assets

  • Cost-Benefit Analytics

  • Gap Analysis

  • Probability and Risk charting

  • Development and Refining of Methodology and Quality Assurance approaches

  • Reporting and Presentation of findings, and stakeholder consultation

Physical Security Audits And Surveys

  • Detailed Assessments of facility Physical, Operational, Personnel, Financial, and IT security levels

  • Reviewing of Neighboring businesses, Parking Facilities, as-builts and technical drawings

  • Examining current efficiencies and improvement pockets of security systems, existing operations and protocols

  • Review of information security and handling, and employee access control

  • Review of supplies, and asset security

  • Carrying out of Ministry-approved Health & Safety audits

  • Performance of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Surveys

  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Access to Information Audits

RFP / RFI / RFS Preparation

  • Thorough examination of requests, down to the technical minute details

  • Matching your business offerings and overall strategy, with Request requirements

  • Conducting site visits and direct liaison with bid directors and administrative coordinators

  • Experience positioning bidders to succeed in Government and Private Sector procurement processes

  • Expert evaluation of financial, operational, legal, and other risk.

  • Conducting due diligence on bidders (solvency, market positioning, etc)


The typical home security assessment includes:

  • Interviews with home occupants to discuss history of loss and security concerns, and to understand occupant activities in relation to the home.

  • Review of family safety, security and evacuation practices and plans.

  • Survey of the exterior - site boundaries, gates and fences, landscaping, lighting, and signage.

  • Survey of the interior - including living, dining, storage, garage/parking, basements and attics, etc.

  • Review of physical security – doors, windows, safes/lockers, keys, etc.

  • Review of security systems, including intrusion alarm systems, panic alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and security intercom systems.

  • Identification of likely security risks and potential threats.

  • Review of the use of security guard or patrol services.

  • Preparation of Home Security Assessment Report.

The Home Security Assessment Report provides an evaluation of your existing security measures, identifies areas of vulnerability, and provides a list of specific recommendations for security improvements and upgrades.

Recommendations for security improvements are prioritized into three categories: 

  • High-Priority issues that should be addressed and rectified immediately;

  • Medium-Priority items that would greatly improve security at the home; and

  • For Consideration - Optional enhancements and upgrades.

Following the assessment, we are available to help you implement our recommendations and can help you with design and planning of security improvements, preparation of specifications for security equipment or services, assisting with identification and selection of vendors or contractors, reviewing vendor or contractor proposals, overseeing the installation of security improvements, or providing security awareness training.

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