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We service and support cannabis, marijuana, and hemp businesses worldwide. We help businesses navigate through complex legal, operational, political, and strategic considerations in developing successful grow ventures.

We engage with federal, municipal, and regional governments to align security standards for grow industries – presenting a vision for Regionally-appropriate, secure cultivation, production, and transportation of product. We identify regional risks, review operational capabilities, engage with partners/suppliers, and develop frameworks and strategic plans for legalization and industry sustainability.

We consult on:

-       Security and Risk

-       Facilities Management

-       Facilities Design

-       Process development

-       Shipment and Transport

-       Operations

We work with:

-       Cultivation operations (Indoor, Outdoor grow operations)

-       Processing Facilities (Drying, Trimming, Packaging, Storage, etc)

-       Testing/Research/Analysis laboratories

-       Encapsulation, Distillation, Formulation, Extraction facilities

-       Dispensaries / Storefronts

We deliver:

-       Site / location / territory Assessments

-       Threat / Risk / Security / Crime Assessments

-       Zoning / Legal Assessments

-       Building Design (site and floor plans)

-       Security systems design, systems selection, and project management/oversight

-       Facility Operational Policies and Procedures (such as Access, Visitor Management, Movement of cannabis products, privacy and protection of confidential information, emergency response, and others)

-       Compliance documents for licensing applications

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